Autumn Season Table

In addition to our, recently published, Nature Table for September, we’ve also completed our Autumn Season table.

We have added variety of little people to complete the scene.  Elves made from felt, filled with stuffing wool, then dressed.  Another gnome created simply by sewing felt onto a wooden conical doll base, and two needle-felted figures.

There is a family of teasel hedgehogs to the right of the photograph, collected during earlier nature walks.  Needle felted toadstools, Ostheimer trees, squirrel, and a tree hand sewn using felt, and a natural tree created using reindeer lichen and twigs.

Our wooden backdrop has been draped with autumnal coloured playsilks (kite then attached).

Please do feel free to link in the comments section, and share your own autumn nature, season tables and crafts.

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One Response to Autumn Season Table

  1. Love this and such a nice way of celebrating the Earth and seasons!

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